R.I.P. to D.B.S.

Rest in Peace to Damn Bull Shit
I feel very compelled to write for several reasons. It intrigues me that once someone dies everyone is in mourning and everyone has all these great things to say and all's well that ends well. Well personally, I don't think that all's well that ends well. I think whoever said that maybe meant it in an entirely different context than that in which it's currently used. I think that if you have something good to say about someone it should be said to their face, not at their funerals, just as much as the bad things. I know for a fact that all the shit people say behind my back they would never say to my face. Perhaps because I'll cuff them down, or fuck them up in my "heights" way, or just act like they're not saying anything at all, in my way. But mostly I think it's because people are full of shit. The world is full of shit. I'll state my reasons...
Reason number one: Michael Jackson, the greatest artist of all time, the master of music, the brainchild who tapped into the true power of music videos, the alleged child molester, the father of 3 and "king of pop" is dead. I am very sad right now. I have been a big, huge, insane fan of his since I was a little fart with my eyes glued to the tv mesmerized by his moon walk and the ever popular "hee hee" that always made me giggle. 

I was teased to tears by my brother and uncle for being smitten with him and for being such a devoted fan. "He's touch boys," they said. "He's a bullerman," they said. "He was the greatest of all time," everyone says now. And the very people who wrote scripts with little inserts of insults of "MJ the molester" and "I wouldn't let him look at my children even on tv" and always talking about his children's faces being covered and the overly discussed issue of him hanging the child over the balcony for everyone to see, those very people are now calling in to MTV, E!, FOX NEWS, CNN, BBC to say how sad they are and how tragic it is and how great he was. 

The very same networks that tried to destroy his name with the child molestation charges who said that he was so terrible and that he was so weird and had so many psychological issues are now showing his music videos and speaking of him with reverence. I know, they're just doing their job. The boss says, "He died, keep a grave look on your face and be sure to put that note of sadness in your voice at all times. Say that we're celebrating his life not mourning his death...etc etc." I know this. I'm studying journalism for shit's sake, I know how they do it. It just sucks. That's the way it is. And I'm not taking it personally that MJ died, I'm not taking it personally what they're doing. This isn't about Michael Jackson. I just note a pattern with the world. People die, everyone's sad. People are alive, everyone talks shit. C'est la vie.
Reason number two: Facebook and Twitter. People write things along the line of; "MJ dead but what about the people who die everyday? What about the people who die right here? What about the people who die IN GENERAL?" Now, to those people who say those things, I'm glad that you're so seemingly in tune with what's going on with the world. I'm glad that you find it necessary to point out that people die everyday, because I'm sure we didn't all know that. If a friend of your were to die today and you say "R.I.P. Kevin" and someone says "Hey, fuck your Kevin, Kevin's die everyday. People lose friends to death everyday" what would your response be? Stop being an asshole. 

This is not about the people who die everyday. This is not about the people who died in Afghanistan due to senseless suicide bombing. This is not about the babies who die due to stupid ass chicken heads who throw their babies in the garbage and leave them to die. This is about the death of a very specific individual and NOTHING should be taken away from that. Get real. NO ONE can mourn the deaths of every single person who dies EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do you? 

You, the people who make these fucking senseless statements, do YOU go to church everyday and mourn the deaths of everyone who died on that day? Do you say "Oh Lord, save the souls of ALL who died today? Do you say that for the people who are hanged in prison? Do you say that for those in the electric chair? Do you say that for the rapists who were killed? The child molesters? The murderers? I mean, if you're mourning SHIT go all out, mourn for the world. R.I.P. to the whole world right? Bullshit. Pure, unsanitary, stinking bullshit. When someone dies and people want to mourn that person or feel sad that that person is gone, don't take away from that. Whether they're famous or not, it's their choice. You morn for the world. Go ahead.
Reason number 3: Being a human being is beginning to become synonymous with being a hypocrite. People say things like, "Live everyday like it's your last!", "Love like you've never been hurt!" etc etc. I shit on that. We cannot realistically live everyday like it's our last. We make plans. We say "Yeah cinema lime on Friday"...and it's Monday. If we want to live like we're going to die on that very day EVERY DAY then we would never make plans. If we love like we've never been hurt the world would be delusional. Everyone would make the same mistakes over and over again if we were all to follow this happy-go-lucky philosophy, willing to give everyone "the benefit of the doubt". People you LOVE are alive right now and you're holding grudges. I'm doing it myself.

People you hate would die and you say "my condolences" and you don't mean it. Is it worth being a hypocrite just to follow protocol by saying what's polite and proper? Why do we say shit behind people's backs then we see them smile and laugh and drink with them? Is it all WORTH IT? I feel like life is becoming more and more unnecessarily complex. We're all being tangled in these webs and caught up in so much. 

I constantly feel like I'm being sucked into a black hole of nothingness. Being dragged into "the way" and drifting further and further away from MY way. There's always protocol, there's always the way it "should be" done. I just had the most insignificant argument with my best friend over the way things should be done and what the "necessary" steps are. It was so stupid, the drama - unnecessary, the end result - stupid. And if I die in my sleep tonight (because that is my preferred way of dying) it'll be even more stupid. STUPID. I don't use that word for lack of a better one, I use it because it's the most simple, most straight forward way to express how I feel about the way people act. I feel like the world is shit.
I'm upset. I'm a hypocrite too. I'm done.
Your Allycat is currently self absorbed and miserable.