Walk It Out: A profile of footwear for the fashion forward

Confidence is the key ingredient in making an outfit successful - how you wear it will determine how others interpret and ultimately imitate it. A must-have for a look that comes together perfectly is without doubt a wicked pair of shoes for you step in. While working through my insomnia last night I compulsively tweeted images of shoes I'm currently too broke to afford but ambitious enough to desire. So instead of commanding the feeds of my followers I figured I would share with you all 12 shoes I think represent the brilliant artistry that is shoe-making.


1. Maison Martin Margiela High Tops (via ssence)


Info: Beige leather made in Italy. Can be worn with practically any outfit - functional and fashionable. Need I say more?

2. Kris Van Assche Wrap Heels (via ssense)


Info: Black leather made in Italy. 5" Stilleto Heel. It's basically sex on a 1" wooden platform. It's the business.

3. Jeffrey Campbell Jackie Heels (via needsupply)


Info: Canvas bootie on 4" of fierce. The type of shoe you want to find an excuse to wear. Jeffrey Campbell (as you will soon see) is currently on my list of favourite shoe designers. I now follow the brand on Twitter for continuous updates.

4. F-Troupe Black Mesh Lace Up (via needsupply)


Info: Jazzy flats made of mesh panels and patent leather detail. I love the Oxford look and they seem like that pair you go to first when leaving the house.

5. Style Adventure Boots (via modcloth)

Info: These 4.5" heels are aptly named. It's cargo casual meets city chic. For the girly girl trying to tone it down.

6. Excalibur Flat (via modcloth)


Info: Faux leather looks good on this pointed toe studded flat. A nice way to make a casual outfit look more polished.

7. United Nude Block Pump Hi

Info: Abstract 4.5" heel. Architecture for your feet. That is all.

8. Y-3 Natsumi Sneakers (via ssense)

Info: Adidas revamped their game with the Y-3 collection and judging by what I've seen  thus far, especially these insane leather high tops, I'm on board.

9. Jeffrey Campbell Biz Boots (via ssense)


Info: Jeffrey Campbell snatched my heart yet again with these boots. I'm a sucker for a flat comfortable boot that reflects my punk/rock style and these hit the nail on the head. They are the Biz.

10. United Nude Lo Res Heels

Info: As soon as I saw these for some reason I was reminded of the days when games like Mario Bros were blocky and distorted. It's a gem. Literally.

11. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platform (via nastygal)


Info: Leather T-Strap Platform Sandals that really are probably the most comfortable type of high heel you could ever wear. Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey!

12. MMM Here Comes Trouble Studded Boot (via nastygal)


Info: Pow! What else could there be to say about these?

And there you have it. Ladies, wipe up the drool, get your shop on and stay fly.

Your web-window-shopper,



  1. the shoes are beautiful!! Great art :) the joy that can come from shoes and bags are beyond this world, live life collecting art that u can wear :)

  2. Block Pump Hi are one of my fave shoes EVER - liking them in green!! Ive got them in Fluo red - they are great for making a statement!!! http://www.kindredsole.com/block-pump-hi-5.html

  3. Do you own the Biz boots? Would you ever sell them?