So...I have come to the realisation that I apparently have some sort of chronic case of insomnia. Not that this is a recent revelation by any means because it has been more than apparent to me (and everyone that I live with who has to hear me blasting the likes of Erykah Badu, Gwen Stefani, The Killers and Hector Lavoe at 3 + 4 o'clock a la maƱana) that I have very owl-ish tendencies. 

I don't know what everyone complains about where insomnia is concerned. It seems to me that I am at my most productive at the wee hours of the morning while the rest of the world sleeps. Perhaps it's a mind over matter thing and I have just convinced myself that I'm at my most productive because my inherent "rebel without a cause" nature makes me feel good about being at my peak of activity when most other regular people are dead to the world. Feels good. 

Actually, it's friggin great to see that sun peeking over the mountains in the east before everyone else, like some absolutely absurd privilege that I have earned because of my "unemployed-sleepless-student" status. Also, I don't know if early morning air contains micro hallucinogens but I swear the internet is faster too! Downloads move at the speed of light compared to between the hours of 8pm-2am. Niiccee!  

I am now basking in the benefits of my forever bright-eyed syndrome. I like finding these small pleasures in life. Sigh... Let's see, I haven't gotten any sleep since i woke up at 3:40 pm yesterday (since I went to sleep at 10am) and I feel like I'm living on coffee (even though i don't really drink it and haven't had a cup for the year). Red bull ain't got nothing on me yo! Actually they should be paying my ass to promote their shit regardless of whether i'm drinking or not because my sheer boost of natural energy is exactly what they would like people to experience when they chug a can (minus the heart attack risk and the inevitable crash). 

I should think of a way to cash in on this...maybe like sell my blood to some deranged scientists who would use it as fuel for demonic robots programmed with a profound hatred for the human race embedded in their little robot brains and they would take over the world while everyone else sleeps and I would just run for my dear life with all the other crazy people who were awake... DAMN television and science fiction novels have my over-active imagination kicking up a storm, my neurons are all mixed up and my perception of reality blurred. Oh overactive imagination, how I love thee...keeping my days bright and interesting. 

The funny thing is i'll probably fall asleep around lunch time after a good plate of food has my "itis" or "ethnic fatigue" kicking in. So while everyone else is deciding what to have for lunch I'm trying to figure out if I feel like sleeping on my stomach or my side. Phew, my life choices get more difficult everyday! 

Stay off the coffe and red bull (and its variations) people, just check me for a little sample of blood...we could think about the fine print later on ;-)

Your enigmatic insomniac, 


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